This month the Atlanta Press Club has held its Loudermilk-Young Debate Series, capped off by the Democratic and Republican gubernatorial debates to take place this week.  Polling shows that over 50% of Democratic voters and 30% of GOP voters have yet to decide who to support in the governor’s race and for other statewide races those numbers are even higher, so if you still haven’t made up your mind take a look at the links below to see the candidates get into the issues.

Starting on May 1st the group held its Congressional primary debates for districts 6, 7, and 10, which can be found below:

Congressional District 6 (D)
Congressional District 7 (D)
Congressional District 7 (R)
Congressional District 10 (R)
Congressional District 10 (D)

The series continued with debates for Secretary of State, State School Superintendent and Public Service Commission, districts three and five, available to watch here:

Secretary of State (D)
Secretary of State (R)
State School Superintendent (R)
State School Superintendent (D)
Public Service Commission, District 3 (D)
Public Service Commission, District 5 (D)
Public Service Commission, District 5 (R)

Last week debates were held for Lt. Governor and Insurance Commissioner, available to watch here:

Lt. Gov. (R)
Lt. Gov. (D)
Insurance Commissioner (D)
Insurance Commissioner (R)

And finally the grand finale, the debates for the state’s highest office will take place this week with the Democratic debate tonight at 7:00 PM via Facebook Live at and, and the Republican debate on Thursday at 7:00 PM via those same links.


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