Gov. Nathan Deal had until the end of Tuesday to decide if he wanted to sign into law the remaining bills on his desk, veto them or do neither and let the bills automatically become law without his name attached. By the end of the day, the governor had signed 17 more bills into law, but also vetoed 21 bills.

By the end of the day, Governor Deal had signed 17 more bills into law, but also vetoed 21 bills.

The Vetoes:

SB 315

Senate Bill 315 proposes to create the crime of unauthorized computer access.  The intent of this legislation is to strengthen cyber security laws to protect national security interests and to safeguard sensitive or private information of government, citizens, and consumers. Under the proposed legislation, it would be a crime to intentionally access a computer or computer network with knowledge that such access is without authority.  “After careful review and consideration of this legislation, including feedback from other stakeholders, I have concluded more discussion is required before enacting this cyber security legislation.  The work done this session by the legislation’s sponsors and stakeholders provides a solid foundation for continued collaboration on this issue.  It is my hope that legislators will work with the cyber security and law enforcement communities moving forward to develop a comprehensive policy that promotes national security, protects online information, and continues to advance Georgia’s position as a leader in the technology industry,” Deal said. 

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