John A. Williams, legendary businessman, founder of Post Properties and later co-founder and CEO of Preferred Apartment Communities and a minority owner of the Atlanta Falcons, unexpectedly passed away yesterday. Williams was also a partner in Internet News Agency LLC, which co-owns our parent company InsiderAdvantage.

Williams is known for major projects named after him (including the John A, Williams Ballroom at the Cobb  Galleria). He created two New York stock exchange companies in his lifetime and his dream was for Preferred Apartment Communities to be the preeminent real estate company in the nation.

Matt Towery, Co- Founder and Chairman of InsiderAdvantage/Internet News, issued the following statement:

“John Williams, our partner and dear friend passed away unexpectedly. I knew earlier years as a legislator, and years later as both a neighbor and a business partner. He was, without a doubt, the smartest and most loyal businessman of my lifetime. He bridged all gaps between political parties and business groups. What he achieved with Post Properties and Preferred Apartment Communities — both publicly held– is unequaled. John will always be known as one of the true “builders” of modern Cobb County. But, in reality, his life substantially touched all of Atlanta, Georgia and the nation.

“After I retired, John spent substantial time with my successor as CEO, Phil Kent. I know that Phil and I join together in expressing our deepest condolences to his devoted family, his wide circle of friends and his so very-much loved “family” of co-workers. To put it bluntly, we loved John Williams and will miss him forever.”


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