How did your state Senator vote on changing the way Georgia issues driver’s licenses for illegal aliens? Only 19 voted “YEA.”


Conservative state Senator Josh McKoon put forth an amendment (Amendment #6) to HB 673 in the Senate that would have changed the driver’s license and official ID Cards Georgia has issued to about 22,000 “aliens without lawful status” since 2012 under Governor Nathan Deal. Currently, these illegal aliens are issued the exact same driver’s license as legal immigrants and guest workers here on a legal visa such as Mercedes Benz and KIA executives.

It looks like this:

Those driver’s licenses can be and are used to board airliners and enter federal buildings. Just like U.S. citizens’ documents – and they are easily confused with the drivers license issued to American citizens. McKoon’s amendment simply said that Georgia must follow the REAL ID Act when issuing alternative licenses. Other states, including California, Michigan and South Carolina already have multiple tiers of drivers licenses.

Here is a fact sheet on the issue.

We have official word from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that these illegals include aliens who have already been ordered deported, aliens who are under a final order of removal who are on an order of supervision because they cannot be immediately removed and illegal aliens who have been granted a delay or deferral in deportation proceedings. Because this category includes DACA illegals, many Republican legislators are terrified about what the liberal media will say if they vote to give these illegal aliens a different drivers license that is not accepted for federal ID.

USCIS makes it clear that DACA recipients do not have lawful status or “lawful presence” here.

It is expected that the Republican-controlled Georgia state Senate will have an opportunity to vote on this issue again on the last day of session today. A complete list of Senators and contact information can be seen here.


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