The razor thin margin in the Atlanta mayoral race stole the show, but it was far from the only election Tuesday.

City councilwoman Felicia Moore defeated fellow councilmember Alex Wan to become the next city council president, taking over for Ceasar Mitchell who left office to run for mayor.  Her 10 point win allowed her to breathe more easily than her peers duking it out one spot up the ballot.

Former city council president Robb Pitts had a similarly easy night, defeating Keisha Waites by 10 points to win the top spot on the Fulton Commission.

The race to watch in the state legislature was Senate District 6, where in November two Democrats emerged from a divided field to shock the GOP and ensure that the seat would flip.  The runoff had yet another surprise as Jen Jordan crushed Jaha Howard by a margin of 64% to 36% in what was supposed to be a close race if not one where Howard was favored.

SD-6, vacated by Hunter Hill when he decided to run for governor, will once again be highly contested next year as Republicans seek to retain what is one of the state’s wealthiest districts.

Three other seats saw all-Democrat runoffs, including SD-39 where Nikema Williams defeated Linda Pritchett by a mere 500 votes.  In HD-60 Kim Schofield edged out De’Andre Pickett, while in HD-89 Bee Nguyen defeated Sachin Varghese to become the first Vietnamese-American elected to the Georgia House of Representatives.

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