The CA02 module being lowered into Vogtle’s Unit 4


Progress continues at Plant Vogtle, where it was announced last week that another key step in the construction of the two new nuclear units has been completed.

A 52 ton CA02 module was installed in Unit 4, a key part of the In-Containment Refueling Water Storage Tank (IRWST).  The IRWST is in essence a massive water tank that serves as the cooling mechanism for the reactor itself.

Over 6,000 workers are currently on-site at the plant, continuing to make progress on the massive project that was briefly thrown into question when Westinghouse, the Toshiba-owned company that was in charge of construction, went bankrupt in March.

While a similar project in South Carolina was cancelled, the Georgia Public Service Commission has stood strong in support of the Vogtle additions that will provide massive savings for customers statewide upon completion.  You can see a video chronicling the ongoing construction efforts below.




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