Earlier this year state Rep. Earl Ehrhart, (R-Powder Springs) made waves when his HB 51 sought to return college campus sexual assault investigations and prosecutions to state law enforcement instead of what he calls “kangaroo courts” run by the schools.  Coming in response to a rash of high profile cases of false accusations made by female students against their male “attackers” who were painted as criminals before receiving any due process, the bill received national attention and both vocal support and harsh criticism from each side of the aisle.  Despite passing the House by a tally of 115-55, it stalled out in the Senate Judiciary Committee and was tabled for the year.

Now his concern could be addressed on a national level.  Education Secretary Betsy DeVos last week gave a speech at George Mason University where she discussed the need for campus due process and lamented the Obama-era policy of “preponderance of the evidence,” which allowed schools to perform their own investigations and dole out their own punishments without giving a fair opportunity to the accused. 

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