There has been a lot of misinformation about the Trump Administration’s DACA ruling yesterday and how it affects illegal immigrant workers enjoying this “deferred status” granted by the Obama administration. We provide the following information since the state Department of Drivers’ Service estimates there are approximately 55,000 “deferred action” illegal immigrants in Georgia. (Credit goes to the Washington-based NumbersUSA group for assisting with this information.)

  1. DACA ended yesterday for anybody wanting to apply for the first time for a work permit or any other benefit.
  2. DACA ends Oct. 5 for anybody wanting to apply for a renewal of a work permit.

The Obama administration granted around 800,000 DACA work permits. But Attorney General Jeff Sessions said yesterday that currently around 690,000 work permits are still in effect due to some recipients not renewing along the way for various reasons. The attrition will continue and provide some relief for American workers immediately.

However, the expiration of perhaps a thousand of the work permits a day will not begin until after March 5 next year.

According to Numbers USA researchers, here’s how the Trump administration order has been laid out:

  1. PENDING FIRST-TIME DACA APPLICATIONS: Young adult illegal aliens whose first-time applications for a work permit are still pending will be processed despite the end to accepting new applications as of today. (About 33,000 applications are said to be pending.)
  2. DACA WORK PERMITS THAT EXPIRE SEP. 5, 2017 THROUGH MARCH 5, 2018 or which have renewal applications pending right now:

These illegal aliens will be allowed to renew for one more two-year period. But they will have to apply by Oct. 5, 2017. Many of these are likely to miss the deadline or decide for various reasons not to renew, which will begin to open up jobs as their employers are required to end their employment at the expiration of their work visa.

  1. DACA WORK PERMITS THAT EXPIRE AFTER MARCH 5, 2018: These illegal aliens will not be allowed to apply for renewals for the Oct. 5 deadline. They will be able to hold their jobs — or even get new jobs — until the expiration date on their work visa. Perhaps a thousand a day will be expiring starting March 6 and through 2019.


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