Rayna Casey, a longtime confidant of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and chairman of President Trump’s 2016 campaign effort in Georgia, endorsed Republican Karen Handel earlier today for tomorrow’s 6th District Congressional special election.

Casey raised over $2 million for Trump in the state and led the then-candidate’s efforts from an early point in the 2016 election cycle.  Handel leads other Republican contenders in recent polls but trails Democrat Jon Ossoff.  Most analysts believe the race is headed for a runoff, which would take place on June 20th. Sources out of Washington tell InsiderAdvantage that should a runoff take place, Georgians can expect to see campaign appearances by both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Their involvement may be more important than some pundits once thought.  Pollsters such as Opinion Savvy’s Matthew Towery Jr., himself a millennial, believe that Ossoff would have a slight advantage in winning a runoff should one be required.  Towery Jr. explained his reasoning in a recent interview with the Washington Post.  However, other analysts contend that the district remains a likely Republican win regardless of who competes with Ossoff in a runoff showdown.


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