Friday is the last day for early voting, fundraising records being smashed by the top Democrat in the race and Republicans fighting amongst each other to try and move on to a predicted runoff in June. Such is the status of the sixth district congressional race to replace Tom Price.

According to data from Michael McDonald, professor at the University of Florida who specializes in American elections, as of Thursday, 46,494 people had voted early in the race (absentee and in-person). Of those, roughly equal amounts of Democrats, Republicans and “No Previous Primary” ballots were cast – about 15,000 for each group. Whites comprised the majority of the votes, approximately 34,000; blacks totaled around 5,000; Hispanics, other and unknown made up the remaining 7,000ish. As is usual for early voting, it has skewed heavily towards older voters – with the largest number of accepted ballots coming from the sexagenarian group. Women have totaled around 25,000, with men around 21,000. 

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