As first reported by InsiderAdvantage, Kennesaw State University’s outgoing President Dan Papp did not leave of his own accord. He was pushed out by the University System Board of Regents, which refused to renew his contract. The Regents were motivated by stunning ethical lapses regarding a major vendor along with financial shenanigans presided over by Papp and the school’s foundation.

The following are links to three documents exposing abuses overseen by Papp. The first is a letter exposing the ethical lapses by  Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services Randy Shelton, whose shady vendor activities were inexplicably protected or ignored the president. The second is a draft audit report from the University System’s chief audit officer and the third, from the same official, contains further documentation of ethical lapses including foundation payouts to Papp that violated the Board of Regents’ longstanding rules and procedures.


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