InsiderAdvantage / Fox 5 Survey

Survey of 2613 registered voters conducted the evening of Tuesday January 14, 2014. Survey weighted for age, race, gender and political affiliation. Margin of error plus or plus or minus 1.9%. Conducted in association with, which covers Georgia Politics from a Republican perspective.

1. Some legislators plan to consider introducing a bill to allow the use of medical marijuana in very specific instances, such as in a liquid form to reduce seizures from young children. What is your opinion of legislation allowing medical marijuana to be prescribed by Drs. in Georgia on a very limited basis?

a) Favor 51%
b) Oppose 27%
c) No opinion/ Undecided 22%

Crosstabs by Party Identification are particularly interesting, showing that restricted use of medical marijuana is supported by majorities of both self-identified Republicans and Democrats, but dips below 50% among self-described Independent voters.

Support for medical marijuana by party identification

Democratic Independent Republican All
Favor 53.45% 47.75% 52.38% 51.12%
Oppose 27.12% 28.89% 26.94% 26.94%
Undecided/No Opinion 19.42% 23.37% 22.72% 21.94%


2. The General Assembly is expected to vote on legislation that would allow guns to be carried by students and some other designated individuals on college campuses. What is your opinion of this legislation?

a) Favor 31%
b) Oppose 56%
c) No opinion/ Undecided 13%

InsiderAdvantage CEO/Fox5 Political Analyst Matt Towery:

“There is across the board support for a law that would provide for limited use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Particularly for children in need (provided in a liquid form). The key here is that any legislation must be on a limited basis. That said, Republicans and Democrats both support this legislation by well over 50%, while independent voters are close to a majority as well.”

Towery continues “As for the campus carry gun bill, opposition is strong from all political affiliations. However, the opposition is not quite as overwhelming as in some recent polls we’ve seen and remains about where it was when we polled the issue for Fox5 last year.”


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